Adult Sunday School Classes meet from 10:15am-11:15am on Sunday Mornings




August Mini-Mester Topic

The Book of Philippians - Stephen Davies in Classrooms 19 & 20 (Small Dining Hall)

August 7 -August 28, 2022

The “parallel universes” in Marvel movies are fictional, but did you know that in real life there truly are two different realms, which exist side-by-side? One is the physical realm we live and breathe in every day, and the other is the spiritual realm which we have access to as Christians. We have an important part to play in each of them, but this can be tough to navigate since they have different rules of play, different life spans, and even different value systems. 

In his letter to the Philippians, Paul compares and contrasts these two domains and explains how he steers between them. What emerges from his pen is a breathtaking glimpse of the rich and multidimensional life we are to live as followers of Christ. Affliction and humiliation are often front and-center in our daily lives, but by tapping into the spiritual power God provides, we can engage a different perspective and overcome it all. There’s no book of the Bible that has impacted me more spiritually, and I’m excited to explore it with you!


This combined adult class will meet in the Small Dining Hall (Classroom 19 & 20) at 10:15 AM.



Adult Sunday School Philosophy and Schedule

We are pleased to offer the following Adult Sunday School Classes, which will fit into one of the following categories:

  1. Biblical Studies in Old & New Testaments
  2. Impactful Issues
  3. New Believers/Seekers
  4. Spiritual Disciplines
  5. Spiritual Leadership
  6. Theology.

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Summer 2022 Adult Sunday School Class Schedule

  • The August mini-mester will be 8/7-8/28.
  • There will be a fellowship hour on 9/4 and Fall classes will begin 9/11.




 Classroom locations map

1. Classrooms 1-4 Upstairs (page 3 of map)

2. Classrooms 5-7 Office Wing (page 2 of map)

3. Classrooms 19-21 Small Dining Hall off of Fellowship Hall (page 1 of map)

4. Minnieland (across the parking lot, not on map)