Older Elementary

Older Elementary (3rd Grade-4th Grade)

All children age 4 and older start with their families in the worship service (upstairs in our sanctuary). Children who are older elementary age will STAY and attend the worship service with their families and the Older Elementary Sunday School class between the services. 

At Hope we believe STRONGLY in inviting our covenant children into the corporate worship. Here is a great article that helps outline why this is so important for our church and how we disciple our children. https://corechristianity.com/resources/articles/why-worship-with-children

Where do I take my Older Elementary Child on a Sunday Morning? 


 *we have classes for adults and youth during the Sunday School hour, please see the adult/youth pages for more information on those classes. This is a great chance to grow in our faith for ALL ages. The Christian walk is a journey and you never grow too old to grow closer to Jesus.*  

CM Sunday Chart Older Elementary

 CM Sunday Chart 5th Grade