Youth - Sunday School


Sunday School meets on Sunday mornings from 10:15am-11:15am in the Youth Wing. Sunday school classes are offered for your entire family during this dedicated hour of fellowship and discipleship. For youth, we have a coed middle school class and a coed high school class.

High School (leaders Sue Allred & Susan Bosco)

High School will continue their study of the Prophets using Rooted Ministry's curriculum of "Old Testament, Messianic Prophecies"

This curriculum is meant to offer an opportunity to interface between the Old and New Testaments and to show the unity of the Bible. Most of the Old Testament texts focus on the predictions related to the coming Messiah of God, who will redeem the world, fulfilled in the work and person of Jesus. Others involve prophecies related to other events around the “Christ Event,” such as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Joel 2) and the great prophet to precede the Messiah (Isaiah 40; Malachi 3,4).


Middle School (leaders Scott & Lisa Boyer)

"The Miracle Maker"

The plan is to break the movie down into four segments. In doing so, students will have the opportunity to build discussion around it. The movie does a fantastic job of putting flesh on the gospel of Mark and it will do an excellent job of giving the middle schoolers something to grasp and understand deeper.