The Hope Junk Drawer: From interviews with members and ministry partners, to testimonies about what God is doing around and among us, to discussions about important topics or ideas, you’ll find all these and more resources for our church family, here in the Hope Junk Drawer.

Hope Grows: There are a million choices and distractions in our lives, some of them wonderful and some of them difficult. Through all of them, it’s critical for Christians to keep our eyes on God and to grow in our knowledge of, and love for, Jesus. The Hope Grows podcast exists to help the Hope church family and our community do just those two things. You’ll find devotions here three times a week in series on different books of the bible and confessions and catechisms of the church. We hope you’ll join us as we seek to grow in Jesus, together.

Hope After Class: We live in an age of constant change with anxiety and anger as hallmarks of the culture around us. Few feel this more acutely than our kids and teens. Hope wants to help parents in as many ways as possible to know how to raise your kids in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. This podcast will include resources from our kids and youth ministry leaders, interviews with teens about different biblical and cultural topics, and resources directed towards kids and and teens.