In the Youth Ministry here at Hope Pres, we believe that we are 2nd tier partners in growing and discipling your teens in their relationship with Jesus. This means we want to empower you to be the primary leader in your son or daughter's life of faith. This resource page is a tool for you to be this leader.


Permission Forms



This form must be completed and signed by a parent and on file at the church prior to participation in any "off-site" event (e.g. laser tag, retreats, day trips, etc.) If the form is on file with updated insurance information, you do not need to fill out this form for your child's participation in an activity. 


This parental permission must be completed and signed prior to a child's participation in any "off-site" event  (e.g. laser tag, retreats, day trips, etc.)


Packing Lists








Do I need to complete and hand in a permission slip every time we go anywhere as a group?

Yes. (Ligonier Camp is the only exception because we use all the camp's forms.)

Do I need to complete and hand in a Parental Consent for Medical Treatment every time?

No.  If one is completed and on file with the church office, you do not need to turn in another one unless your information (address, insurance, medications, etc.) has changed. Are there other papers that need to be completed? Sometimes.  Check with trip leader ahead of time!

Can I bring my cell phone?

Typically students are NOT allowed to bring cell phones on trips.  This in order to encourage participants to focus on the experience at hand.  Incoming calls, texting, and other cell phone applications are distractions that make it difficult to be "fully present" in the tasks and relationships at hand. 

Why are leaders allowed to have their cell phones?

Leaders are able to carry their phones for several reasons, not the least of which is in order that they may swiftly contact and/or be contacted in the case of an emergency. Many leaders sacrifice time from work in order to accompany groups on these trips and need to "check in" with, or be contacted by, their employers. Leaders of course are also afforded the privilege of being able to call their spouse or significant other, but are encouraged to be discreet!

Can I bring an ipod or other personal electronic device?

Ipods, personal CD players, hand-held video games, and other personal electronic devices are NOT to be brought on trips.  These things tend to isolate those who use them from the rest of the group.  They also tend to get lost and/or broken, and thus they are best left at home.

What's the deal about bathing suits?

Modesty is encouraged in all cases.  Ladies are asked to wear one-piece (swim team type) or "tankini" bathing suits.  If all you have is a bikini, you will need to wear a t-shirt or tank top even while swimming.  Unless swimming, gentlemen are asked to wear shirts at all times in the presence of the ladies.

Which is better: sheets and a blanket or sleeping bags?

Sleeping bags tend to be more convenient, versatile, and easy to pack, especially if accompanied by a compression ("stuff") sack.  You can get a decent quality sleeping bag at Walmart for between $25-40.