Hope exists to glorify God by the transformation of lives through the power of Jesus Christ.


We are committed to being Gospel-centered. We will trust in the grace of Jesus to be the source of hope for history and our own lives. This gives us strength and a vision to live boldly while not relying on our power to change ourselves, the world, or others.

We will seek to know and apply the truth of the Bible to every area of life. We will seek to personally encourage each individual to grow in the hope of the Gospel through involvement in small group experiences. 

We will pray for one another and seek to grow as a people of prayer in the various aspects of our life together. 

We will seek to practically serve our neighborhood. We will engage our community in respectful and meaningful ways. 

We will provide dynamic, Christ-centered worship that ministers to people of all ages and spiritual maturity. We will pass along historic elements of faith and worship for future generations. 

We will stretch ourselves to participate in God’s work around the world with mission giving and mission trips.

We are proud to be part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). This is a denomination that was formed in 1981 with a vision to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ building on the foundation of the Bible and historic Presbyterianism. To be Presbyterian is to operate with a model of shared leadership- a group of church officers elected by the congregation function in a collegial setting with pastors to oversee the life of a church and cooperate with other churches in a region (called a Presbytery). Presbyterian doctrine lifts up the power of God and the grace of God as the primary influence of bringing hope to people’s lives and the world. The EPC has a profound and bold mission in the world seeking to reach those areas where no presence of the church currently exists. 

We invite you to share in this exciting mission. What part will you play in helping others grow in the hope of God? Join us for worship this Sunday morning at our 9:00am worship service with livestream, our 10:15am Sunday School hour, or our 11:30am service. All are welcome!