We are proud to be part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). The EPC was founded in 1981 as a denomination that would exist to have unity in essential beliefs, allow for liberty in non-essential beliefs, and have love and charity for each other in all things.

Being Presbyterian means we embrace a model of shared leadership, with no one person being "the" authoritative voice in church leadership. The congregation selects individuals of high character and ordains them as elders. These elders and pastors form the primary leadership body of hte church. We also support and are supported by other EPC congregations in our area, with regular meetings where all churches are represented. Presbyterian doctine emphasizes the power and love of God in bringing hope and peace into the lives of those who, through God's grace, see their need for Him. We are thankful for the EPC's clear vision for building up or planting churches locally and internationally to reach the unreached.

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