Adult Sunday School General Yearly Schedule

General Yearly Schedule

In an effort to offer many classes for learning and teaching opportunities for volunteers, Hope EPC has devised a schedule featuring six week terms. Between each term, there will be a one week break in which a fellowship event will be planned for all adults to attend. Most classes will be compromised of either one or two six week terms. We also have two times, which we call mini-mesters, where there will be a single adult Sunday School class. Those mini-mesters will be in the months of June and August.

There will also be extended breaks at the end of December/beginning of January and the entire month of July.

Below is sample schedule from the 2023-2024 calendar year.

Fall 2023

Fellowship Week - September 3rd (Labor Day Weekend)

1st term - September 10 - October 15

Fellowship Week - October 22

2nd term - October 29 - December 3

Fellowship Week - December 10

Extended Break - December 17- December 31

Winter/Spring 2024

1st term - January 7 - February 11

Fellowship Week - February 18

2nd term - February 25 - April 6

Easter (no SS) - March 31

3rd term - April 14 - May 19

Fellowship Week - May 26 (Memorial Day Weekend)

June Mini-mester

June 2 - 16

July Break


August Mini-mester

August 4 - August 25