POM Graphic

image used with permission from Reformed Youth Ministries

Our Presuppositions

In order to fully understand our POM, which is just a fancy way of saying how we think about ministry, we need to look at our presuppositions (foundational truths we believe in):

1. God is at work - We believe that God is actively working in the lives of his people to grow them and then use them to grow His Kingdom.

2. Reformed understanding of the Bible (’Reformed’ refers to the Reformation started by Martin Luther in 1517)  -

a. Scripture is our only rule of faith and practice

b. Scripture is authoritative

c. God is sovereign

3. Church - Church is central to the Christian life. Participating in the church is less about attending programs and more about knowing and caring for one another with the Gospel.

4. Family - The family is the primary way that God has chosen to bring about His Kingdom and the typical way in which He relates to His people.

5. The Individual - Every person on earth is a unique creation whose dignity and worth comes from the fact that they are made in the image of God.

Our Avenues

At HPC, from worship, to Sunday School, to our food truck ministry, there are many ways to involve yourself in the life of the church. We believe that developing a variety of small groups with a variety of themes, topics, methods, and locations is vital to developing a vibrant church and community life. We have groups that range from deep studies that meet weekly to fellowship groups that may meet monthly to bi-monthly. Training teachers for all levels of groups is available for anyone interested at various times of the year.

We are very excited at HPC to be able to offer Hope Groups using the Real-Life Discipleship and Real Life Foundations model. RLD/F has the overriding goal to train disciples who know how to make more disciples. Several of our members have been through the very thorough training process RLD/F provides and they look forward to teaching and discipling others to do so as well. 

Have questions? Contact the church office for more information- office@hopechurchva.org or 540-898-4673.