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Ongoing Ministry Opportunities:

Sunday School: Meets each Sunday morning from 10:15am-11:15am in the Youth Wing for a time of fellowship, worship, and the study of God's Word. We believe the Holy Spirit changes people through the Word of God, so the Scriptures are at the forefront of all our teaching. Students are placed into either a middle school or a high school class. 

  • Confirmation Class: Confirmation Class is a fantastic opportunity for our youth to dive deeper into exploring why we believe what we believe with the option of becoming a member of Hope this spring. The class itself is 4 months long, and while weekly attendance isn't mandatory, students should make it a priority. After all, how can you potentially join a church if you don't know what it believes? Taught by our Youth Director Bryan Lees, course content will include discussions on God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Trinity, the content in the Apostles Creed, The Protestant Reformation, reformed theology, the church sacraments of baptism and communion, different models of church governance, Presbyterianism, our denomination (the EPC) and structure of Hope! Class is open for all Hope youth, both middle and high school. Please email Bryan if you plan to attend. This class meets in the small dining hall in the room next to the kitchen.
  • High School Class: Sue Allred and Susan Bosco are teaching our high schoolers a new study called "The Bible's Greatest Hits." We'll revisit some of those stories that everyone who grew up in church already knows to see what they tell us about God and how they apply to our lives today. 

Sunday Night Youth Group: Meets on Sunday Nights from 6-8pm in the Youth Wing. Youth Group takes place during the school year and is a relational time of fun, games, snacks, large group study time and small group ministry. We believe the Holy Spirit changes people through the Word and relationships, so please come and enjoy spending time with each other. Join us for our "Real Talk" series as we tackle some of the biggest issues facing our teens today. Topics for February & March include stress, anxiety and depression.

Coed Home Group: Meets weekly at the home of Mike and Sue Allred on Thursdays from 6-8pm. We share dinner, hang out and are currently studying the book of 1 John. 

Knowing Jesus really is knowing the God of all light and love. Since God is Light and Love, what does this mean for us as Christians today? How are we to love one another both inside and outside of the church in such a deeply profound way that our witness points people to the grace and freedom that Jesus died for us to receive? We'll dive deep into these ideas as we discover together how the Gospel really does transform everything about us. 

Youth Spring Calendar: Check out what we're doing this quarter here on our Spring Calendar!


To stay up to to date and find information about monthly events, retreats, conferences, or mission opportunities you can contact Bryan Lees or check out the church calendar.