Humbled and Hopeful

Over the last few years, we have all had numerous chances to be humbled. A pandemic where we were reminded that we have little control over our own health. Political unrest where we've seen that one voice can only do so much to stem the tide of anger. The waning power of "Christendom" in America and the swell of support for alternative religious ideas and apathy toward God. In all of these and so many more, we have been reminded that we are not in control. That we are imperfect and broken because of sin. That we don't have all the answers within ourselves. I (Pastor Jon) know that I have been humbled, and I suspect the same is true for many of us.

The book of Isaiah challenges us to see that in being humbled, we have an opportunity to find a renewed hopefulness. That in being reminded that we are not in control, we are called to look at the One who is. That in seeing our powerlessness, we are driven to look at the all-powerful One. That in recognizing our sin and brokenness, we have the opportunity to be embraced by the one who carries our sin and restores our souls. Isaiah teaches us that our humbled state is actually the perfect place to find perfect peace and a holy hope.

Isaiah challenges the Israelites to NOT turn away from being humbled. To not ignore their brokenness. To not try and hide from their mistakes. But to insteaad turn to the Lord and find hope in Him. We hope you'll be able to join us this summer as we heed Isaiah's call to do the same ourselves.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jon