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Hope Friends & Family!

As we move forward from Easter in view of the game changing, life-transforming, world-informing resurrection of Jesus Christ, the natural question is What’s Next? or What Now? The disciples wondered the same and Jesus commissioned them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with the charge to go into all the world making disciples. The Book of Acts then details the initial centrifugal force of the disciple-making gospel going out into our world. God thrust them forward in ways they could not have predicted and at times in ways they certainly would not have chosen! But in all these, the gospel went forth in truth, light and power.

Over the next several weeks Chrishon, Bryan and I will help us dive into a series of passages in Acts where the gospel unashamedly plunges head first into a variety of lives and cultures. Exploring these, in view of our own mission in the world we’ll ask, “What Next? What Now? For Hope?”

Along this journey we’ll see not just why the church exists, and how it goes about its mission in the diverse environment of our world, but also what it takes to be resilient, courageous messengers as we live out the gospel in word and deed.

Many blessings to you, and I look forward to worshipping with you this Lord’s Day,

Pastor Dori