JUNE 2022 Mini-mester:







If ever there was a doctrine that is distinctive of Christianity it is the doctrine of the Trinity – the teaching that God is one in being and essence yet three in persons, that there is one God and that he subsists in three persons. As Martin Luther summarized it, “We believe the divine majesty to be three distinct persons of one true essence.” It is, in fact, the leading mystery of the Christian faith, and difficult as it is to comprehend, it is a doctrine on which professing Christians of virtually all denominational labels agree – and have agreed since the very beginning. (Fred Zaspel, The Gospel Coalition).


Join us during the Sunday School hour on June 5th, 12th, and 26th as we study this essential doctrine of our faith.


Resources about the Trinity:

 1. The Gospel Coalition course on the Trinity



Historic Creeds

1. Nicene Creed 

2. Apostles Creed

3. Athanasian Creed

4. Creed of Chalcedon