zz Adult Sunday School Fall 2022 - Evangelism and Engaging our Culture

Evangelism/Understanding and Engaging Our Culture - Pastor Jon Dennis

Our world is broken. But in the message of the gospel, Christians know the answer to why it is broken and how it can be fixed. We'll be spending six weeks working through and practicing together to be able to use the "Three Circles" method of discussing the gospel. We will learn how we can use this timely tool to bring the good news of Jesus into our relationships, turning everyday conversations into gospel conversations.
In the second six week term, we will look at Understanding and Engaging Our Culture.  By most measurable statistics, our world has changed more in the last two hundred years than it had in the fifteen hundred before. The pace of that change, especially in the last few decades, has made adapting and learning to present a Christian witness in those changing circumstances a real challenge. During this class, we will take a look at five major claims that have formed a kind of creed for our modern, secular age. In looking at them, we will learn how to engage with them as Christians, with an appropriate balance of humility and confidence. We will see how, even in areas where those secular creeds might be identifying a real problem, the gospel has a better story and a better solution.

Second Six Week Term - Understanding and Engaging Our Culture

During these six weeks, we will be looking at cultural hot button topics and how we should deal with them as Christians. We'll be using Rebecca McLuaghnlin's book, "The Secular Creed" to give an outline to our discussion, focusing on popular slogans or catch phrases in popular culture.


Week One - Introduction to How the Class Will Work, and discussing Racial Issues in the world today - Slogan - "Black Lives Matter"

Week Two - Discussing marriage and it's purpose/position for Christians - Slogan - "Love is Love"

Week Three - Discussing homosexuality and how we should interact with the LGB community - Slogan - "Gay rights are civil rights"

Week Four - Discussing feminism, misogyny, and the reason for gender - Slogan - "Women's rights are human rights" 

Week Five - Discussing the transgender movement - Slogan - "Trans women are women"

Week Six - TBD