Wednesday night dinner

5:30PM to 6:30PM Fellowship Hall

Join entire congregation for a homestyle dinner and fellowship (Most weeks starting after labor day).

Wednesday night youth meeting

Middle School

Led by amazingly fun volunteers Chris and Ruth Robbins, the Middle School class is continuing their exploration of Talk Sheets conversation topics like "Communicating with and hearing back from God," "Choosing to follow God rather than the crowd no matter what kind of peer pressure you might face," and "Being committed to intentional prayer."

High School

Led by Youth Director Bryan Lees and awesome volunteer Rhonda Fischer, join the high schoolers as they read and discuss Philip Yancey's book, "What's So Amazing About Grace?" In this book author Philip Yancey explores grace at street level. If grace is God’s love for the undeserving, he asks, then what does it look like in action? And if Christians are its sole dispensers, then how are we doing at lavishing grace on a world that knows far more of cruelty and unforgiveness than it does of mercy? True grace is shocking, scandalous. It shakes our conventions with its insistence on getting close to sinners and touching them with mercy and hope. In his most personal and provocative book ever, Yancey offers compelling, true portraits of grace’s life-changing power. He searches for its presence in his own life and in the church. He asks, How can Christians contend graciously with moral issues that threaten all they hold dear?And he challenges us to become living answers to a world that desperately wants to know, What’s So Amazing About Grace? Anyone who enjoyed the format of our high school small group over the summer will love this format as we focus on the core truth and application of the Gospel to our lives!