Youth Sunday


Sunday Morning 11AM


Join new teachers Scott and Lisa Boyer in a new study, "What's Up?: Discovering the Gospel, Jesus and Who You REALLY Are." Believe and live out the gospel, even in one of life’s weirdest stages. What's Up is a practical curriculum for middle school students that is less about memorizing verses and facts, and more about examining the heart. Unbelievers will learn about the Savior, and believers will grow in the love for the Gospel. This is an especially great study for "church kids" to take that first step in taking ownership of their faith.


Join savy Sunday School veteran teachers Sue Allred and Susan Bosco as they lead Hope's "Real Life Foundations" or RLF course! RLF is designed to reaffirm the central tenants of our Christian faith! By believing in the Gospel and being obedient to Christ, we should be people who pray, read the Bible, share fellowship with fellow believers and share our faith with non-Christians. RLF is another fantastic class designed to help participants take ownership of their faith and apply it to their daily lives. 


Sunday Evening 6-7:45PM

Sunday Night Youth Group is the best place to start sharing and connecting as peers.  Please join us from 6-7:45pm each week for games, praise and worship, a message and age & sex specific small group time.  Our fall series, "POV" or point-of-view is a topical approach to answering what question, "How does the Gospel transform my view of ______________?" Since the topics are chosen by our youth, they're sure to be relevant to the lives of our teenagers!