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summer retreat

If you have preconceived notions of what a "retreat" actually is, you may need to let those go. Think of this more as a weekend getaway which happens to have the promise of some significant, spiritual, running conversations throughout. The plan is very loose and fluid. Almost all we know thus far is below:

Getting there and back...

-Camryn, Gabe, Foster, Bryan, Tim, and Batchelor will meet at the church at noon on Friday. We may wait a few minutes for Hunter, or meet him on the way if he finishes work on time. 

-Bryan and Camryn will drive their cars. (You're off the hook, Batchelor.)

-Hunter will drive his truck after he's off work. Brad will drive his "super-van" after he gets off work. Both will meet us in Oak Island. Camryn has to leave early Sunday morning on her own, so at least one person from her car will ride back with Brad and at least one person from her car will ride back with Hunter on Sunday.

What to bring...

Don't forget to return a completed medical info form to Bryan. Safety first!


Bible, something to write on/with

Toiletries, clothes and obvious stuff like that

If you have an air mattress, bring it. The house has 3 queen-sized bed and a pull out couch. Camryn will get one pf the beds. Guys will duke it out for other two and the couch I guess. Bring a pillow and sleeping bag. 

Bring your beach chair, boogie board, fishing rod*, kayak...whatever in terms of beach/ocean toys

I'm told there are plenty of towels already at the house

Weather forecast...

The weekend forecast is not particularly good, but not all bad. Just because it's raining doesn't mean you can't get in the ocean. (Lightning on the other hand...) If you have a favorite board or card game, maybe pack it and bring it along just in case.

Cooking and so forth...

Meals, as well as grocery shopping, will be a group effort! That's right...we have literally no plan other than to order pizza when we get there Friday night. We have a budget thanks to your fee for the weekend, but it will be a "team-building" exercise in order to eat throughout the weekend. Don't worry. Bryan and I have done this to groups before and it always works out surprisingly well. No one starves. We also have a gas grill, so what could go wrong?

There's no alcohol on this weekend, even if you're over 21 because not everyone is. There's no tobacco either, at least not inside the Brooks' house.

*We think fishing off the pier in Oak Island costs $10. Fishing on the beach typically costs as much as $30. Hunter's looking into it.

If you have any questions email Tim Habecker at