Youth encountering servanthood (YES) application

Before you begin, it's worth sharing with you what exactly YES is.  Simply put, YES is an opportunity for you as students to learn how to be servant leaders in our youth ministry and church.

As a YES student, you'll have the opportunity to become more like Christ by serving in our youth ministry.  What this looks like for you is really up to us to figure out together. For someone, it means being up front teaching a lesson.  For someone else, it means arriving early to help set up for a youth group event.  The point is, servant leadership takes different forms and all are equally important and valuable in the Body of Christ.

As a YES student, more is expected of you.  You're expected to consistently attend Sunday morning worship and Sunday night youth group.  You're expected to attend weekly volunteer leader meetings 30 minutes before youth group begins on Sunday night.  You're expected to attend weekly YES leadership development meetings where we'll learn about servant leadership, discover our spiritual gifts and create opportunities to use them in the youth ministry and the larger church Body at Hope.  You're expected to lead youth group once a month as a team of YES students. You're expected to occasionally lead middle and high small group time of Sunday nights. You're expected to find and meet with a mentor (your parents and I will help you find the right person). You're expected to approach Sunday night youth group like it's no longer about you. Instead, Sunday nights are about intentionally investing in our younger high schoolers and middle schoolers while making new people feel welcome and included. 

So YES (pun intended), we're asking a lot of you.  But I also think you're up to the challenge.  You can rise to the occasion with a humble heart and God's help.

Below is the YES application.  Fill it out and be honest about who you are and where you are in your relationship with God.  We're not looking for perfect people, just someone who loves God and others and wants to grow spiritually.  

Please note that in order to apply for YES you must:

  • Be a rising 10th Grader-12th Grader (ages 15-18) according to public school guidelines
  • Have completed confirmation class (or plan to complete it in January 2018) 
  • Be a regular youth group participant (someone known by students and adults in our youth ministry)
    • How can you be a leader of a group you're not a participant in already?

Applications are due by Sunday May 20th.

After you complete the application, I'll be in touch about scheduling an interview with Sue Allred and I during the week of June 3rd. You definitely don't need to be nervous.  At the end of your interview, we'll hand you a copy of the YES Covenant that we'd like you to review with your parents, sign and return to Bryan.

After your interview, I'll be in touch about scheduling another time to meet with you and your parents to pair you with a mentor in our congregation if you don't already have one.

The goal is to find you a mentor for the fall so we'll meet sometime over the summer to make this happen.

One last thing.  We'll be having a YES retreat at the end of the summer to start the fall off well together.  We'll schedule this according to your schedules since I know it's a busy time of the year.

Questions?  Comments?  Let me know!  I always love hearing from you guys.

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