Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

Thanksgiving-TurkeyThanksgiving is next week of course, so I won't be writing in my usual slot. In fact, I'm not going to write at all because let's be honest, between eating Thanksgiving dinner and watching football who has time for such trivial pursuits? Nonetheless in the spirit of the season I figured I'd submit a random list of 50 things (in no particular order mind you) that I am thankful for this year. It is by no means complete so I don't get too upset if you're not on it, but no that I do thank you for stopping by and reading from time to time. So, without further ado,this year l'm thankful...

  1. for Jo, Alyse, and Adam.
  2. I'm not traveling by anything other than automobile this holiday season.
  3. for turkey. I do love me some turkey.
  4. for the elders at my church who have endured numerous challenges as of late.
  5. to be a volunteer football coach as opposed to one who is paid.
  6. for my house. I curse it on a daily basis, but it beats the alternative (i.e. homelessness).
  7. that I get paid to spend a week in Maine every year.
  8. that I get paid to spend a week in Ligonier, PA every year.
  9. that I get paid at all .
  10. for the freedom to do what I do for a living.
  11. for the woodstove, cheaper and warmer than any other way to heat a home.
  12. for leaf blowers.
  13. for Virginia sunsets during standard time.
  14. I live an hour or so from Shenandoah National Park.
  15. I live an hour (well, depending what time it is) from the nation's capitol. I'm not sure whether I'm thankful it's that close or thankful it's that far.
  16. for friends who teach us how to make ethnic food.
  17. for the Bible.
  18. for books...well, most books (I'm starting to get a little weary of Thomas and Friends).
  19. for canoes and kayaks and inflatable rafts.
  20. that I grew up close to the Susquehanna River.
  21. our street was repaved this summer.
  22. that I am reasonably healthy and so is my wife.
  23. that my kids are reasonably healthy.
  24. for our dog. He's cool.
  25. my brother is a small town mayor and I'm not.
  26. my sister lives on a farm with lots of barn kitties that my daughter loves.
  27. that we've managed to leave my sister's farm each Thanksgiving (so far) without taking any barn kitties with us.
  28. that my parents' marriage is so delightfully boring...and still going strong.
  29. for the Holy Spirit...and other things I don't entirely understand.
  30. for fireworks.
  31. for baseball games.
  32. for apple pie.
  33. that I got to go to Haiti once.
  34. that I got to go to Jamaica once.
  35. that I've been able to spend a lot of time in Alaska and hike on a glacier. How cool is that?
  36. that I got to go to Bangkok once.
  37. that I don't need to go back to Bangkok. Not saying I never will...only glad I don't need to.
  38. for Jesus.
  39. for Alyse's and Adam's adoption stories. They give us a chance to talk about Jesus.
  40. that I got to know two of my grandparents and at least have memories of a third (mostly of "stealing" pretzels from a cabinet in her kitchen).
  41. for young people who are more fun than I am yet still choose to hang out with me.
  42. for old people who are far wiser than I am yet still choose to hang out with me.
  43. for Lego and Matchbox toys.
  44. Washington has a professional baseball team...and so does Richmond for that matter.
  45. for high ropes courses.
  46. for the Outer Banks in North Carolina.
  47. for free stuff...especially food and t-shirts.
  48. that some people choose to be soldiers, sailors, marines, and pilots.
  49. that I am not required to be a soldier, sailor, marine, or pilot.
  50. for WD-40. That stuff is great.
  51. that I'm able to think of more than 50 things to be thankful for and could still go on for quite awhile.