HOPE currently partners with the administration of Battlefield Elementary School to support and encourage students, their families, and the faculty. The school was chosen as a target for "adoption" simply because it sits directly across the street from the church. Thus far the church has initiated a backpack and school supply drive and begun a Good News Club at the school. But not everything is a major project. We have also been known to simply drop off "goodies" in the faculty lounge from time to time. As the relationship continues to evolve our congregation keeps looking for simple and creative ways to serve our neighbors at Battlefield Elementary and Middle School.

backpacks full of hope

Each year towards the end of summer Hope holds the Backpacks Full of HOPE campaign. This HOPE accepted a new challenge, and provide 10 fully supplied backpacks per grade level for both Battlefield Elementary School and Battlefield Middle School. For those of you who never learned your multiplication tables that's a goal of 90 backpacks! Hope was blessed with help of Sunday school classes, small groups, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and relatives to help us meet the challenge.


Sponsored by HOPE the Good Book Club is an after school ministry led by a coalition of trained volunteers from the church, community, and Battlefield Elementary School faculty, which meets most Tuesday afternoons in the cafeteria. Activities include songs, crafts, a Bible lesson, games, and snacks. Last year more than 130 students registered in the Good Book Club at Battlefield Elementary School.