Real-Life Foundations

Overview of the Wheel


The Wheel was originally designed by The Navigators.

 The are 6 major aspects of the Wheel.

Aspect One: Christ the Center (hub)- I can easily distinguish the difference between the way I lived my life before Christ became my Savior and Lord and the way I consciously live my daily life under His leadership now.

Aspect Two: Obedience (tire)- My daily life is consciously lived to love God first and to love others. 

Aspect Three: The Word (vertical spoke)- I regularly spend time listening, reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on the Bible because I am convinced it is my primary way of following Jesus as my Master.

Aspect Four: Prayer (vertical spoke)- I regularly spend time talking to God throughout my day because I am so dependent on Jesus to lead me throughout the day.

Aspect Five: Fellowship (horizontal spoke)- I especially love others in the family of God.  I place a high priority on the times we get together to encourage one another in our spiritual journeys.

Aspect Six: Witnessing (horizontal spoke)- I understand how to explain to someone how they can restore their broken relationship with God through Jesus.  I am able to share the brief story of how I came to believe and receive Christ.  I can also share what Christ is doing in my life recently.