parent-child connect four challenge


One thing that can be difficult along the road of parenting is the lack of quality time to have with

the family, whether that be with the kids or your spouse. Amidst the busyness of handling the

practicalities of life: meals, laundry, schedules, school work, work meetings, doctors appointments,

and car repair appointments, we find ourselves running around life without getting to know those in

our own families.

the challenge:

Send 4 (or more) notes over the next week to your child(ren) encouraging them in their faith or with a short memory from your childhood.

Need some help getting started??

“Can’t wait to see you at dinner time!”

“Praying for your _________ quiz!”

“We can throw the ball for 15 minutes today when we both get home. I can’t wait!”

“Praying that you can show Jesus to your friends today.”

Ask a question… “Chips or fries?” “Beach or mountains?” “Baseball or football?” “Strawberry or chocolate ice cream?” Share and compare your answers together at dinner!

“I remember being a kid is hard sometimes.”

“When I was 8, I didn’t like spelling either.”

“When I saw 7, I had an awesome math teacher!”

find some awesome printable notes here:

Let’s all take some time this week to encourage and bless our children! I’m praying for you as your family as you take the Connect Four Challenge!