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 Al Dayhoff, author and director of  Evangelize Today.

Al Dayhoff, author and director of Evangelize Today.

A Weekend Evangelism Brainstorm  .  September 21 - 22, 2018

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Join us for any or all parts of a weekend conversation about moving beyond our typical notions of outreach and evangelism, and into a slightly more daring stance of engagement with people who think differently than we do. Rev. Allan Dayhoff, author of Church in a Blues Bar and God and Tattoos, and director of Evangelize Today will be facilitating our discussion.

In the meantime help us prepare. What questions do you have about evangelism? If you had the opportunity, what questions would you be curious to ask of those who are not Christians?

In either case type your questions into the forms below and send them to us to consider. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to address real-life questions that come to mind when people hear or think about sharing their faith in Christ with those whom they come into contact with from day to day. 

You can find an itinerary for the weekend below as well. We hope you will join us for all or part of our time together.