Fast Forward…

…with Hope for Lent as we intentionally prepare our hearts and minds for Easter by letting go of the things that keep us from walking with Jesus. Together we’ll learn on vital spiritual disciplines that will help us fully experience what God intends for us; which culminates in the gift of His Son. It really is true! Jesus completely satisfies our deepest hopes and longings. Join us on Sunday mornings as we journey together to the Cross and the empty tomb on Easter morning!

Fast forward…

…at Hope each week as we physically fast each week (starting on Wednesdays) from a non-perishable food item. Drop off each item at the box in the church foyer near the elevator for our food drive to benefit SECA.

Week 1 (March 6-12): Fast from pasta for the week. Buy a box of pasta or a jar of sauce for the food pantry collection. Pray for pastors. Pray for all who are in ministry in churches in any capacity.

Week 2 (March 13-19): Give up salt in some form this week (table use, baking or in preparing food...) Buy something salty and bring to church to add to the port-a-pantry collection. Pray for the “salty” witness of believers to flavor our community. Pray for the lost.

Week 3 (March 20-26): Fast from cereal for the week. Buy a box of dry cereal or oatmeal and bring it to the church. Pray for this country to turn to God, as individuals and as a nation, that we will not only be under God but looking towards Him. Pray for our leaders.

Week 4 (March 27-April 2): Give up eating rice for the week. Buy a box or bag of rice for the food pantry. Pray for the hungry of the world and for missionaries who are trying to meet the needs, and for organizations who minister to the hungry.

Week 5 (April 3-April 9): Find some way to give up the use of white sugar for the week. You can give it up totally, in baking or table foods, or any way that you can commit to. Buy something sweet and bring it to church. Pray for a sweet spirit of unity to pass through the communal body of Christ in many locations.

Week 6 (March April 10-20): Give up peanut butter for the last week and a half. Buy a jar of peanut butter and bring it to the church. Pray for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ … anywhere, anytime!