Week 1 - Covenant of redemption


Home Work: Begin a weekly or monthly regimen of memorizing Bible verses. Start with an easy passage about God’s love. John 3:16 is a good one, but if you already have that down try Romans 5:8 or I John 4:9. Remember never to expect your kids to memorize anything you are not also memorizing. A little integrity goes a long way. Brainstorm some simple ways to facilitate and encourage Scripture memorization in our families.

Main Idea - The covenant established among the three persons of the Trinity, the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit, with regard to God's self-revelation and redemption of his people. 

The Father loved the Son and the Son loved the Father "before the foundation of the world" - John 17:24

God love us before he created us - Ephesians 1:4

The Covenant of Redemption means God is love (I John 4:8). God loved us before he created us and we were created in his image (Genesis 1:27) out of the overflow of his love. The unity of mind, heart, and purpose of the Trinity, revealed within the Covenant of Redemption, exemplifies what our families could/would be like were it not for our sinful nature. 

Chew on this...

What are your hopes, dreams, and prayers for your family?

Read John 17:20-26. As Jesus prays what does he desire for those the Father has given him (v. 24)?

How may Jesus’ desire in John 17 and God’s love in general inform the way we think about our marriages, children, and families?