2017 YES Application

before you begin...

Thanks for taking some time to really think and pray about whether or not you want to be a YES student next year.  First and foremost, being part of YES means that you're committed to growing in your personal relationship with Christ.  It also means that you aspire to be a student leader who will be an example for your peers and our middle school students.  

Ultimately, our perfect example of servant leadership is Christ.  He took on flesh, humbled himself and died on the Cross as the final example of servanthood.  As a YES student, you'll encounter servanthood in many ways that are designed to push you outside of your comfort zone so you can rely on God more fully.  Let me make one thing very clear: God isn't looking for people who have "arrived" at some sort of zen-like spiritual state of hyper-holiness.  God sends people who are willing to go and trust him along the way. 

Take some time to read through the YES Covenant (below) and make sure your parents have read it too.  Ask Bryan any questions you might have about YES 2017 and make sure to have your application (below) completed by Sunday May 14, 2017. 

Bryan and Sue will schedule in person interviews (15-ish minutes) on Friday May 19th & Saturday May 20th.  Here you'll be asked some more in-depth questions and have the opportunity to ask us anything too.  You'll also receive a hard copy of the YES Covenant that you and a parent must sign and return to Bryan. 

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